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Thursday, January 03, 2013

What You Can Do to Support Same-sex Marriage

You can make a difference! Everyone has a sphere of influence, whether it’s just your family, Facebook friends, a congregation, or much broader.  These are people who look to you to help them form opinions.  They don’t expect you to do their thinking for them, but they do appreciate hearing your views.

1. So, the first thing you can do is express your sincerely held opinions.  You may be surprised at how open people are to discuss this now that it is in the realm of respectable conversation.  This will give you an opportunity to bring solid information to bear on the subject, that is, if you know what you’re talking about.  Unsupported opinions are easily dismissed as mere wishful thinking.

2. So, be sure that you know what you’re talking about.  There are a variety of ways to increase your knowledge of this subject and you don’t even have to leave your IPad.  Just Google “same-sex marriage” and a world of information is open to you.  Some of my favorites include,,, and  These will get you started and will lead you even deeper into the subject.

3. If you feel confident of your ability to persuade, get yourself invited to speak or to lead discussions in service organizations, churches, schools, and town gatherings.  Start out in your own living room, if necessary.  This is a leading topic and people are eager for solid information.

4. Write an opinion column for your local newspaper, or letters to the editor.

5. Sign up for the Human Rights Campaign’s “Millions for Marriage.”  There is a lot of additional information available on this site as well.

6. Find out the positions of your political representatives and lobby them for support.  If they aren’t helpful, work for those who are.  VOTE and encourage others, as well.

7. Be supportive of your gay friends and family. They are often left alone and appreciate a caring heart.  If you are straight, nothing is more persuasive than an ally in the struggle.

8. If you have some extra cash, donate to organizations that support this mission.  Also, donate your time and talents.  We are always working on a shoestring and stretched beyond our means.

9. Get acquainted with your local LGBT Center.  Find one close to you here:

10. This list is surely partial; there is much more we can do.  If you have other suggestions on how to get involved in the struggle for same-sex marriage, use the “Comment” section below and let us know.

Email me at and let me know what you are involved in, and if there is any way I can help you, I will.  Doing something, no matter how much or little, makes a difference.  You can make a difference!

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