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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

It's Done and Available on Amazon!

For more information:
178 pages

I'm very pleased to announce that my book, Marriage Equality: Why same-sex marriage is good for the church and nation, is now #9 on the Amazon best seller list for its category after only three days on sale. My thanks to all the people who helped make that happen. How about we make it number 1! I think the country is ready to look at gay rights like never before and this book will help them understand the need for gay equality across the board. 

As promised, I wanted to get this book into your hands about the time the U.S. Supreme Court rules on California's Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  Both of these are discussed, and the possible rulings analysed.  But the bulk of the book is devoted to a strong defense of gay marriage from a biblical, psychological and scientific perspective.

I know that many of you who read this blog are very well acquainted with the issues.  I do believe you will discover new insights and strategies as well as have a virtual library of helpful resources at your fingertips.

One of the best uses of this book is for group study. Each chapter ends with possible discussion questions.

Here's the Table of contents:

Foreword.. vii
Introduction.. 11
Chapter 1 – A Snapshot of Gay Americans. 17
Chapter 2 – The Gay Agenda: Why It’s Needed and Appropriate. 28
Chapter 3 – The Closet: Prisoners of Heterosexism... 47
Chapter 4 – The (Evolving) History of Marriage. 57
Chapter 5 – The Case for Marriage Equality
Chapter 6 – False Claims Regarding Gays and Same-sex Marriage
Chapter 7 – But, My Bible Says…. 93
Chapter 8 – The Gifts Gays Bring
Chapter 9 – After the Supreme Court Decision: Where to Go from Here?
Chapter 10 – How to Get Involved.. 145
A Word to Pastors. 152
Afterword.. 158
A Select Bibliography of Resources. 163
Index of Subjects. 171
End Notes. 175

In order for this book to have maximum impact, I will need your help. 
1.  If you buy the book, please consider writing a review for Amazon.  
2.  Put the Amazon information on your Facebook page and encourage your friends to check it out.
3.  Tweet it!
4.  See if you can put a study group together at your place of worship or with a group of friends.
5.  Invite me for a talk and book signing.  I can be reached at

Thanks for checking this out!

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